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Help your customers take action against climate change with carbon offsetting.

Businesses are waking up to the importance of a healthy, clean, green planet.
How Much Does It Cost?

As a starting point, we'd recommend reviewing  your customers' energy usage to calculate the required carbon credits to offset it. All you'll need is an energy bill.

The average cost for a SME to offset their gas and electricity usage is 1% of their spend.

For example, a customer who spends £8k/year on electricity and £4k/year on gas would need to spend about £120 on carbon credits to completely neutralise their energy usage for the whole year.
Carbon offsetting allows businesses to offset carbon emissions by purchasing carbon credits.
What Is Carbon Offsetting?

All businesses create CO2 emissions which contribute to worsening climate change, for example; electricity, gas and water usage, commuting and travel, paper usage and office waste.
One carbon credit covers the cost of reducing the world’s CO2 emissions by 1 tonne, by investing in climate action projects.
The consumption still happens, and the CO2 is still emitted, but elsewhere in the world an action is taken to offset it.
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Why Sell Carbon Credits?
Gain a competitive advantage


Earn recurring revenue

Low-cost, low-effort, high margin sale

Attract eco-conscious customers


Simple for both you and the customer

No ongoing support needed

Credible, internationally recognised product

Increase customer stickiness

UK businesses need to prove plans for sustainability now that the Government are imposing climate change rules for a low-carbon future

Why Sell
Why Should Businesses Buy Carbon Credits?

To gain a competitive advantage. Businesses are becoming more eco-conscious and increasingly have a buying requirement to work with suppliers who can offer sustainable services.

UK businesses need to prove plans for sustainability now that the Government are imposing climate change rules for a low-carbon future.

To receive a certificate to display, telling their staff, customers and contacts that they have taken action, and a digital badge to add to their website, marketing material, email signatures and social channels! 

It's affordable! For example, SMEs can offset their energy usage for around 1% of their annual energy spend.


It's simple! With our calculator you or the customer can very quickly and easily work out carbon emissions, and how many credits are required to offset them. Once credits are purchased, the customer is carbon neutral!

It's a credible, internationally recognised product. Buying carbon offsets is much more meaningful for the environment than most ‘green’ energy tariffs, which rely on the REGO system.

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Certificate & Badge
Why Buy
Simitrie Partnership

Working with Simitrie is simple! 

As a partner, you can buy carbon credits from us in advance batches. The more credits you buy, the cheaper the price.


You decide on the uplift! This way you manage the profit and reap the benefits.


Contracts are between you and your customers, so you retain full control. We can provide a template for you to get started.


You bill your customers, retaining full ownership. Just let us know the number of offsets, customer's business name and portfolio type.

We'll send you the confirmation serial numbers and links to view the retired offsets on the online registry, in order for you to provide the official certificate to the customer.

That's it! 

Apply For Partnership:

Thank you for your application. We'll be in touch shortly.

Customer Assurance

All offsets are purchased via the independent, international Verra Registry which:


‘Facilitates the transparent listing of information on certified projects, issued and retired offsets. The Verra Registry also ensures the uniqueness of projects and offsets in the system.’


All projects have been certified against the Verified Carbon Standard or Gold Standard's rigorous set of rules and requirements.


Customers’ certificates will confirm the serial number(s) relevant to their purchase, which can be viewed on the live registry system.


  • Guiding principles

  • High-level requirements

  • Processes to follow

Accounting Methodologies

  • Establishing a baseline

  • Monitoring requirements

  • Enabling various interventions


Independent Assessment

  • Accreditation of auditors

  • Training of auditors

  • Oversight


  • Listing of program information

  • Avoid double counting

  • Transparency of results

Carbon Offsetting Project Groups
Support certified climate action projects around the world for an immediate impact.

Choose from two project groups:
Green Project Group

Our Green Projects include supporting solar renewable energy projects and wind renewable energy projects, providing clean, green electricity replacing fossil fuel-based generation.
Gold Project Group

Our Gold projects not only offset carbon emissions, but also support a range of UN sustainable development goals.
Examples; Indonesian forest and peatland conservation, protecting numerous endangered and vulnerable species including the Bornean Orangutan. This portfolio also supports the collecting and burning of naturally occurring landfill gas from biogas extraction points, to generate clean energy for cities.
Sell Carbon Credits In Three Simple Steps:

Using our simple carbon emissions calculator, you or the customer can easily determine the amount of carbon being emitted by a business, and can see how many credits need to be purchased.

Step 1: Calculate

The customer can then purchase the correct amount of credits from you that they need to offset their carbon emissions.

You send us the customer's details, we'll retire the offsets, and send you the serial number(s) and official registry links. Using the serial numbers and links, you can then provide the customer with their certificate.

Step 2: Purchase
Step 3: Offset
Apply For Partnership:

Thank you for your application. We'll be in touch shortly.

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